International Workshop on Chemistry and Applications of Organic Chromophores 3.7. – 4.7.2019 Cardiff

2019-06-10T11:42:39+02:00June 5th, 2019|Events, Workshop|

Cardiff University is organizing the “International Workshop on Chemistry and Applications of Organic Chromophores”

The workshop aims to provide an insight into the latest investigations, exchange of knowledge and industrial applications of molecular chromophores and organic materials. The two-day program will showcase invited lectures from leaders in the field of synthesis, characterisation and applications of organic chromophores both from academic and industry sectors.

Attendance at this meeting is free, but all attendees must register here.

Organisers: Prof. Tatiana da Ros, Dr. Ashley Colley, Prof. Giacomo Bergamini

Local Organiser: Prof. Davide Bonifazi

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Prof. Xinliang Feng
  • Prof. Luca Beverina
  • Prof. Marcin Stephien
  • Prof. Paolo Samori
  • Prof. Jorge Parola
  • Dr. Carlos Pinheiro
  • Prof. Paolo Melchiorre
  • Prof. Johan Hofkens
  • Prof. Maurizio Prato
  • Prof. Paola Borri
  • Prof. Neil Champness
  • Prof. Enrico Dalcanale
  • Dr. Francesca Rita Novara
  • Dr. Victoria Garcia Rocha
  • Dr. Yi-Lin Wu
  • Dr. Francesca Di Maria