Impressions of the International Workshop on Chemistry and Applications of Organic Chromophores 2019 in Cardiff

2019-07-29T08:48:02+02:00July 29th, 2019|Events, Workshop|

On the 3rd and 4th of July 2019 Prof. Davide Bonifazi’s Group of Cardiff University organized a Workshop on Chemistry and Applications of Organic Chromophores. Speakers  You can find some impressions of the event here. It was a very successful event with the following speakers:

  • Prof. Xinliang Feng
  • Prof. Luca Beverina
  • Prof. Marcin Stephien
  • Prof. Paolo Samori
  • Prof. Jorge Parola
  • Dr. Carlos Pinheiro
  • Prof. Paolo Melchiorre
  • Prof. Johan Hofkens
  • Prof. Maurizio Prato
  • Prof. Paola Borri
  • Prof. Neil Champness
  • Prof. Enrico Dalcanale
  • Dr. Francesca Rita Novara
  • Dr. Victoria Garcia Rocha
  • Dr. Yi-Lin Wu
  • Dr. Francesca Di Maria
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