SENSYS: Electrochromic Fish – LOPEC 2020 Demo Competition

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For this years’ Organic Printed Electronics Association (OE-A) demo competition, VTT, University of Lapland and Ynvisible submitted a demonstrator in the category “Publicly Funded Project Demonstrators” that was a direct result of the DecoChrom project. While usually the Demo Competition is presented at the annually LOPEC conference, due to the COVID-19 pandemic only an online demonstration was possible.

The SENSYS demonstrator represents cutting edge printed electronics. It is comprised of an EC display is printed onto a singular PET foil along with the printed sensors and hybrid electronics integration. The display and electronics are integrated with four printed sensors:

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • capacitive touch
  • NFC antenna

The demo is designed in the shape of a fish with a five channel display to show the sensitivity of the pressure and temperature sensors; with the NFC antenna used to sense an NFC signal. Two single channel displays show which sensors are active. The active sensor is selected using the printed capacitive touch sensor.


Thomas Kraft Ph.D.
VTT – Printed Materials Systems

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