DecoChrom at PrintoCent’s InnoFest’21

2022-06-19T14:21:54+02:00September 17th, 2021|Demonstrator, Events, Exhibition|

From the 9.-10. of September 21, several partners of the DecoChrom consortium participated in PrintoCent’s InnoFest. InnoFest is the world’s most prominent open innovation competition around Printed Intelligences and offers the change for 20 international teams to develop and present their ideas on printed products and services to a Jury of experts in the area. This year Ashley Colley (University of Lapland) represented DecoChrom as a Jury member. Furthermore, the overall project was presented by Markus Löchtefeld and with Ynvisible another partner presented their ongoing work in the area of printed electrochromic displays. A team of students from the University of Lapland, presented the CleanLeaf Table – a table with integrated electrochromic displays to indicate whether it has been used to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – which was developed as part of the project and made it to the finalist round. Besides the CleanLeaf Table, several DecoChrom demos were exhibited.

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