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DecoChrom Idea Challenge

The DecoChrom idea challenge is a contest for everybody that has an idea for novel application scenarios for electrochromic displays. Whether it is integrated into an existing product, a complete novel device or simply an electrochromic display in a novel context, we want to see your ideas for the future of electrochromics.

All areas of application and context are welcome, including, but not limited to:

  • Smart Home/Building
  • Smart Furniture
  • Health and Wellbeing

This challenge can help making your ideas a reality.


Please submit a single PDF file that contains a short description of your idea, 2-3 images that visualize your idea and your contact details. If you want to add a short concept video, add a link to a Vimeo or YouTube video.

Your idea must be your own original work. We are not claiming ownership rights to your submission. However, by submitting a submission, you grant us the right to use your submission and its content in connection with this Contest and use your submission on our website and social media channels as well as in Reports for the European commission (you will obviously be credited by name in these cases).

Submit your entry here

Deadline: 20th of January 2020


Our Jury will select two winning entries. The two winners will be notified and receive an Ynvisible Ink-Kit to produce their own electrochromic displays. The winners will be chosen, based on the idea’s novelty and potential impact.



Besides the Ynvisible Ink Kit we are also pleased that our friends from electoninks are supporting the winners with a circuit scribe kit each. This will give the winner the possibility to easily prototype advanced systems combining printed electronics and electrochromic materials!

Furthermore, we will offer the winners as well as other selected contest entries to work together with us to turn their ideas into a working prototype.

The results will be published early February 2020.


  • Mahdis Aliasgari
  • Jonna Häkkilä
  • Markus Löchtefeld

Learning Resources:

If you are interested, but not 100% certain yet how electrochromic displays work, here is a list of resources that can help you understand what electrochromic displays are and how they work.

Walther Jensen, Ashley Colley, Jonna Häkkilä, Carlos Pinheiro, and Markus Löchtefeld, “TransPrint: A Method for Fabricating Flexible Transparent Free-Form Displays,” Advances in Human-Computer Interaction



How-To Fabricate Electrochromic Displays:


Introduction to the Ynvisible Ink-Kit