Project Description


Coin! is a new product from THINGK. The idea is to reinvent the USB stick, changing the User Experience. USB stick are based on an old User Experience, where the user plugs the USB stick into a USB socket. Modern trends in User Experience design indicate a shift towards User Experience based on wireless connectivity. Coin! is a memory stick with an NFC interface. In order to transfer a file to and from Coin! it is sufficient to move the device near to Coin!. Today, almost all smartphones have NFC connectivity, so it is a technology
allowing a wide diffusion.
Coin! has the shape of a coin and has an electrochromic display to indicate if the device contains a file or if it is empty. THINGK designed the EC display using two colours in collaboration with Ynvisible.

Deliverable  D4.2
Title  2rd generation prototypes with developed EC components
Dissemination  Public