Project Description


LDC has explored a table lamp aiming to create an informative yet user- friendly experience in restaurants as an example of hospitality projects. The aim is to replace purely functional alert disks by subtle changes in the ambience through colours in a luminaire family. The restaurant-goers will be informed in a calm way in relation to the following scenarios:

  • When the food is ready: the luminaire turns red, announcing that the food will be served soon·
  • Best time to eat the food before it gets cold: the electrochromic screens start gradually transforming to blue, according to the time set by the kitchen.

The 12 cm x 12 cm vertical electrochromic displays combine both blue and red inks and were produced by Ynvisible. The electronics were designed by the University of Lapland.

Deliverable  D4.3
Title  3rd generation prototypes with developed EC components
Dissemination  Public