Smart Tennis racket2022-08-23T14:32:12+02:00

Project Description

Smart Tennis racket

Racquet display. An electrochromic display will be integrated into a racquet or similar piece of sporting equipment. The display will be linked to an embedded control system and connected wirelessly to other sensors. The display of different data will be explored, e.g. stroke power, angle of impact, position of impact.

Deliverable  D4.12
Title  Racket Display
Lead beneficiary ULAP
Dissemination  Public

Whilst there is currently a wide range of smart sports equipment commercially available, these predominantly require the use of a smartphone to visualize the performance data. With the Smart Tennis Racket we aimed to explore the potential of embedding a visualization mechanism in the sports equipment itself, potentially providing real-time contextually situated information.

Electrochromic displays present a suitable technology for such information visualization, being flexible to fit the curved contours of sports equipment, robust to impact and of very low power consumption.