Weather display & dishwasher status display2022-08-26T13:10:20+02:00

Project Description

Both the Weather and Dishwasher displays have been constructed from solid birch wood and
include magnets to attach them to kitchen surfaces.

Weather display

The Weather Display aims towards being a pervasive display embedded to the inner surface of a home’s front door. The display provides a glancable view to the expected weather when stepping outdoors. The weather display contains 4 individual vertical stack Electrochromic (EC) display segments printed on a single film. An overlaid wood veneer layer masks the display’s counter electrodes. The weather display exemplifies the approach to EC display design, being based on dynamic graphical elements, rather than numerals or pixels. The device functionality is driven by an Arduino microcontroller connected via WiFi to an online weather service.

Dishwacher Status Display

Dishwasher Status Display: Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? With a twist of the
magnetically-attached dishwasher indicator you can leave a message to your family members or
co-workers in the office kitchen. The functionality is achieved with an orientation sensor, triggered
based on the orientation of the display. This prototype shows the possibility to create EC displays
with non-rectangular form factors, as well as their low power consumption, allowing e.g. one year
of operation with a coin cell battery. The device functionality is driven by an Arduino
microcontroller and accelerometer sensor.

Deliverable  D4.1
Title  1st generation prototypes with current EC components
Dissemination  Public

Project Details