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University of Lapland (ULAP) is located at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, and is the northernmost University in the EU. It was founded in 1979 and has four faculties and three multidisciplinary research institutes. The University has 5,000 under- and postgraduate students and 6,400 students in adult education. Faculty of Art and Design is one of the four faculties, design being one of the strategic spearheads of the university. The University of Lapland also focuses on Arctic and Northern research, approached from the perspectives of people, society and the environment, as well as art, design and media. The University has been awarded the national-level responsibility to promote expertise on Sámi law and Sámirelated social scientific research. The headquarters of the EU Arctic Information Centre Initiative, a network of 19 leading Arctic research and outreach institutions from EU Members States and EEA countries, are currently located at the University’s Arctic Centre.



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