Weproductise designs, creates and produce goods based on our belief that ecology and ethics should be integral to good design. Our team seeks out modularity, simplicity, durability and quality in all of our products. In April 2016, Weproductise was the Green Product Award (GPA) winner in the category “Office” (GPA is an annual international competition for sustainable products and services from established firms and Start-ups). Recently, in March 2017, BodyMover project from Weproductise, was selected to the acceleration program bootcamp implemented by Kickup Sports Innovation (Sports innovation hub to support the next generation of sports entrepreneurs and enthusiasts). This program is leaded (major partner) and held by Benfica (Portuguese sports club based in Lisbon (current Portuguese champions, having won three consecutive league titles).


Antonio Mota Vieira

Sónia Ralha

Cristiano Narciso