CHI’22 Course: Prototyping Transparent and Flexible Electrochromic Displays2022-01-06T10:39:03+01:00


CHI’22 Course: Prototyping Transparent and Flexible Electrochromic Displays

This course is a hands-on introduction to the fabrication of flexible, transparent free-form displays based on electrochromism for an audience with a variety of backgrounds, including artists and designers with no prior knowledge of physical prototyping. Besides prototyping using screen printing or ink-jet printing of electrochromic ink and an easy assembly process, participants will learn essentials for designing and prototyping electrochromic displays.


Course topics and content introduce participants to:

  • Fundamental concepts and capabilities of EC displays
  • Design guidelines for EC displays
  • Physical prototyping techniques

Over the course of the session, students will learn to:

  • Design and Assembly of EC displays
  • Control in- and output using EC displays and Arduino
  • Use of EC displays as part of HCI and UbiComp prototypes

The course will allow participants to build their own EC displays to provide a clear sense of purpose, as well as a practical and interesting takeaway. We will provide basic practical designs (such as On-Off switch, Arrows and Mute-Volume), but also allow participants to modify, extend or completely design by themselves. In this way, they can build something while learning about the basic principles of electrochromic displays. All materials will be supplied by the instructors. The participants will get access to the learning materials comprised for this novel prototyping methodology. Furthermore, the participants of course will be allowed to keep their designed and assembled displays as well as getting accessed to more materials for future projects if required.

Stay tuned! More information will come as we get closer to the conference!


Markus Löchtefeld – Aalborg University

Walther JensenAalborg University

Çağlar GençUniversity of Lapland

Jonna HäkkiläUniversity of Lapland