DecoChrom Online Workshop December 20202020-11-16T16:24:43+01:00


Free Course on Prototyping Transparent and Flexible Electrochromic Displays

This is a free online course with a hands-on introduction to the fabrication of flexible, transparent free-form displays based on electrochromism for an audience with a variety of backgrounds, including artists and designers with no prior knowledge of physical prototyping. Besides prototyping using an easy assembly process, participants will learn essentials for designing and prototyping electrochromic displays.


Course topics and content introduce participants to:

  • Fundamental concepts and capabilities of EC displays
  • Design guidelines for EC displays
  • Physical prototyping techniques

Over the course of the session, students will learn to:

  • Design and Assembly of EC displays
  • Control in- and output using EC displays and Arduino
  • Use of EC displays as part of HCI and UbiComp prototypes

This is an online version of our usual workshops. While it will most likely not be exactly the same, we will send you beforehand most of the needed materials to build your own electrochromic displays (you will need your own scissors and adhesive tape and a piece of paper might help).

For this workshop we accept up to 25 participants (at this point only from the EU due to shipping restrictions of the materials), please register via email (see instructions below) until the 30.11.20.

The workshop will happen on the 15.12.20 between 14:00 and 16:30 (CET) via Zoom. We will present you the general theoretical background and give you a live hands-on instruction on how to build them. Afterwards you will build your own displays and we will try to assist you remotely as best as possible.

Registration until 30.11.2020

Workshop date 15.12.20 between 14:00 and 16:30 (CET) via Zoom (link will be provided after registration)

Registration (free!)

In order to register please send an email to mloc(at) using the subject line “DecoChrom Online Workshop Registration”

We will provide you with a small “care-package” that contains nearly all the materials needed (you will need your own scissors and adhesive tape as well as a piece of paper). You will get a box that looks like the one above. Therefore, we would ask you to send us your full name and address in the mail as well. We will send you all the materials for free, however, at this stage we can only accept participants that have a residence inside the EU (due to shipping restrictions) and for this first trial we will limit the number of participants to a maximum of 25 (these will be selected on a first mail first serve manner).

Participation and Materials for this course are free, there will be no charges for shipping or similar!