ECSCW2019 Workshop2019-03-26T10:25:31+01:00

ECSCW2019 Workshop: Prototyping Transparent and Flexible Electrochromic Displays

The Workshop on Transparent and Flexible Electrochromic Displays reaches out to researchers, designers and practitioners interested in exploring calm displays suitable for “always on” information presentation. In this one-day workshop we will discuss the design challenges surrounding ambient displays. As part of the workshop, participants will produce an electrochromic display of their own design. This enables participants to reflect on the potential applications and design of these non-light-emitting, slow transitioning displays.

A short introduction to electrochromic displays and ideation phase will start off the workshop. Participants’ will explore application areas for EC displays and together we will identify the opportunities and challenges with available technologies. We will explore the design challenges when working with calm and ambient displays, and discuss issues such as sensor integration and interaction paradigms.

In parallel to the ideation and discussion activities, participants will assemble their own electrochromic display, based on their own design sketches provided to the organizers’ pre-workshop. The assembly requires normal motor skills to apply spacer and electrolyte material as well as align the two sides of the display. At end of the day, all participants will take home their own designed functional electrochromic display.

No particular prior expertise is required to join the workshop. To register for the workshop send an email to heiko.muller@ulapland.fi. We will accept up to 12 participants to the workshop. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if less than seven participants register. You can find additional information on the workshop’s website: https://decochrom.com/workshops/ecscw2019/.