Interactive Tangible Printed Displays: Designing and Displaying Narratives of Women in Gaming2019-02-12T09:41:02+01:00

Interactive Tangible Printed Displays: Designing and Displaying Narratives of Women in Gaming

Whether you are interested in new display technologies, video games, the role of women in technology, or all three, this exciting DRG is for you! Electrochromic displays (ECD) are a new type of flexible, transparent, printable display technology that does not emit light and can be produced in a variety of shapes, breaking the constraints of rectangular screens. Similar to ePaper, they require low power to change but no extra hardware. ECD displays can also function as touch sensors and can be printed on flexible materials, such as paper and textiles. This DRG will introduce you to ECDs and you will learn how to design and fabricate them.

This DRG builds upon the Atari Women research project (, which reveals the hidden stories of women who made crucial engineering contributions to Atari games in early 70s and 80s. Participants will brainstorm a display that communicates the narratives of women working in the early video gaming industry, building on research work from the Atari Women DRG. This includes designing, fabricating and implementing the ECD using e.g. Arduino or Raspberry Pi. In the final workshop session, each student or team will present their solution. You will end up with a portfolio piece showcasing your work in designing display innovation. You do not have to have participated in the AtariWomen DRG to apply. This DRG is open to students in all degree programs.

What will you create?

  • Instructors: 
    • Brock Craft – University of Washington
    • Walther Jensen – Aalborg University
    • Pernille Bjørn – University of Washington
  • Location: University of Washington


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